A Difficulty about a May Queen Election: 1839


SOMETHING FUNNY. On Tuesday last, the young ladies of the schools held their annual May Festival, and elected a May Queen, according to custom. The young lady having the majority of votes was born in England, of English parents now settled in this country. Most of the other girls at once rebelled, saying they would not be governed by a British queen. The queen elect, either afraid to rule such turbulent subjects, or resenting this affront to her nationality, or what is more probably, from an amiable desire to prevent difficulties or unpleasant feelings, informed her teacher that she declined wearing an American crown. Writs for a new election were issued, and the majority of votes given for an American girl named English. Harmony was then restored, and these little republican monarchists, having, in the old spirit of Anglo Saxon blood, fixed their crown to suit themselves, not the wearer, returned to their allegiance and their frolic. We see something prophetic in this. It proves that a crown could not fall to the lot of any thing decidedly American, but must devolve upon something English. This shows a natural repulsion between royalty and everything American, which indicates an eternal duration to our republic! [Philadelphia World.]

Saturday Morning Transcript [Boston, MA] 8 June 1839: p. 164

Mrs Daffodil’s Aide-memoire:  Mrs Daffodil is a bit fogged as to why the English girl won the contest if so many were in opposition to a British Queen. And the wit in the final lines is somewhat obscure. Nevertheless, as this is, as Alfred, Lord Tennyson says, “the maddest merriest day” of all the year, Mrs Daffodil wishes you all a very happy May Day.


2 thoughts on “A Difficulty about a May Queen Election: 1839

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