Independence Day Tableaux: 1918

Liberty and Columbia [Library of Congress]

Liberty and Columbia [All photographs from the Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division Washington, D.C. 20540 USA.]

As a loyal subject of the Crown, it would be inappropriate for Mrs Daffodil to celebrate Independence Day, particularly as she feels that much in American life would be improved under the reign of a female sovereign. She does, however, send the best compliments of the day to her American readers,  along with these vintage images of patriotic tableaux held on the Ellipse in Washington D.C., circa 1918, just before the end of the Great War. Mrs Daffodil further hopes that the champagne will be properly chilled and the hampers packed with all good things for your holiday picnic luncheons.

Mrs Daffodil is uncertain what this lady represents--the Spirit of Electricity? The Spirit of Freedom? Liberated France?

Mrs Daffodil is uncertain what this lady represents–The Spirit of Freedom? Democracy? Liberated France? The Spirit of Electricity?

The entire Ensemble. It seems as though there were Druidesses present.

The entire Ensemble. One crosses Miss Columbia at one’s peril.

An American Druidess? with the Capitol Dome in the distance.

An American Druidess? Her costume is a bit of an enigma, as is the building in the background. It seems too near and the wrong shape to be the Capitol Dome.

A more martial version

The stalwart Miss Liberty

Washington 4th of July tableaux

And a stern, martially attired Columbia in her Liberty cap, who seems in need of a spear.

Over at the Haunted Ohio blog you will find this post on the “haunted” Statue of Liberty.  If Mrs Daffodil loses too much sleep from the din of firecrackers (certain persons in the neighbourhood celebrate by setting off early-morning mortar rounds) she will return to her digressions on Sunday.

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