Denmark’s Royal Ghost: 1895

Dragsholm Castle

Dragsholm Castle, Denmark

With the British royal family so much in the news, Mrs Daffodil thinks that it would be pleasant to recall some royal ghost stories. Today’s installment is not from England, but from Denmark, birthplace of Queen Alexandra, the present Queen’s great-grandmother.

Denmark’s Royal Ghost

The present Prince Royal of Denmark had a curious experience some 13 years ago. He and his father and mother, the present King and Queen were staying at a castle which had a curious reputation for “ghosts.” One evening after dinner he went to another room to find something which he wanted. There was no electric light, and so he took a candle. In a short time he came back, pale and trembling, saying the room was full of armed men, who barred his entry and put out his light. Much disturbed, the King roused the household, told them to arm themselves and bring lights. Then he led them to the suspected room and, flinging the door suddenly open, called on those within to surrender. There was nothing within but darkness and silence. Moreover, there seemed no possible way by which such a body of men like the Prince described could have entered and escaped unseen. Yet the Prince persisted in his story.

Different color was imparted to it by an experience which occurred to his mother shortly after. She was sitting writing her boudoir in the evening amid a blaze of candles, when suddenly she became aware of a figure all in white standing near the door.

The door was not open and she had not heard it open or shut. The figure gazed at her fixedly, but did not speak, and at first she was too spellbound to cry out, but eventually she called out to know who or what the intruder was. Receiving no answer to her inquiry, she sprang up to ring the bell, and then she saw the figure turn and walk deliberately and slowly through the closed door.

Grand Forks [ND] Herald 10 May 1908: p. 2 

Mrs Daffodil’s Aide-memoire:  The castle may be Dragsholm Castle, one of the most haunted castles in Europe, known for a Grey Lady, a White Lady, and the ghost of the mad Earl of Bothwell, the husband of Mary, Queen of Scots. The King and Queen were King Frederick VIII and his Queen Consort Louise of Sweden, while the Prince Royal was their son Christian Carl Frederik Albert Alexander Vilhelm, later King Christian X of Denmark, who led the country through German occupation during the Second World War. Christian X’s grandfather, King Christian IX, was Queen Alexandra’s father.

Perhaps Queen Louise, who had a most unsatisfactory marriage with King Frederick, met the White Lady, who was said to have also been thwarted in love and paid with her life. On the other hand, the armed men ghosts would suggest that this was “Hamlet’s Castle,” Kronborg.

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