Mrs Daffodil Takes Pen in Hand

Royal Collection Trust, 1740-80

It is with regret that Mrs Daffodil takes pen in hand to say that she will no longer be posting regularly in this forum. A good many duties claim her time and she can be Relentlessly Informative only on an occasional basis.

She thanks her many readers for their kind attention, their good wishes and their comments throughout the years and encourages them to re-read her previous posts–there are over 1,300 available–whenever they need a topping-up of the ephemera of dress history or of snark.

With all best wishes,

Mrs Daffodil

Mrs Daffodil invites you to join her on the curiously named “Face-book,” where you will find a feast of fashion hints, fads and fancies, and historical anecdote

You may read about a sentimental succubus, a vengeful seamstress’s ghost, Victorian mourning gone horribly wrong, and, of course, Mrs Daffodil’s efficient tidying up after a distasteful decapitation in A Spot of Bother: Four Macabre Tales.


6 thoughts on “Mrs Daffodil Takes Pen in Hand

  1. Ruth Beaty

    Well, I am seriously sad and will miss your witty tidbits. Will we still be seeing you on the Face Book? And thank you for many, many enjoying articles.


  2. crissouli

    I will miss her also, and wait with bated breath for the very next edition…I have thoroughly enjoyed all and will again…and again. She has brought many a smile to me… I hope she is kind to herself…and returns only when it suits. Thank her for her generosity in sharing her adventures.


  3. Sally Renfield Campbell

    Oh! I will keep you “booked-marked” on my electric “toolbox” and seek the occasional bases.



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