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Mrs Daffodil Takes a Half-Day on Saturdays in August


Mrs Daffodil hopes that you are all paddling at the sea-shore with your buckets and shovels or enjoying your fashionable bath-houses. (Mrs Daffodil really cannot condone lawn-swimming.) She will be taking a half-day holiday on Saturdays for the rest of August unless there is something she can simply not bear not to communicate. Mrs Daffodil’s regular schedule of posts on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday will not change.

With all best wishes for fine weather on your holidays,

Mrs Daffodil

Lawn Swimming, the Newest Hot Weather Sport: 1916



Have you tried lawn swimming?

It’s the new hot weather sport.

Try it!

Put on your bathing suit, assume the attitude of a mermaid on the front lawn or in your back yard and sing out, “Splash me! Come on an’ splash me!”

If some member of your own family doesn’t answer your appeal, try your next door neighbour. Some one will gladly handle the hose for you.

It’s a sport for men, women and children, with no age limit.

The Day Book [Chicago, IL] 4 August 1916: p. 29

Mrs. Daffodil really has nothing to add….